Catechetical Sunday

This Sunday the Church celebrates Catechetical Sunday, a day set aside to honor all men and women who answer God’s call to catechesis. Our St. John Neumann catechists are commissioned and given a special blessing during each Mass this weekend.

Following are our SJN Catechists
for the 2012-2013 Catechetical Year:

Faith Formation for Adults
Quent Below, Bradford Bosarge, Shane Doody, Adriana Fadden, Leslie Freeze, Deacon Mike & Anita Gouge, Greg Larson, Elena Morales, Trish & Cathy Varga, and Sr. Elizabeth Wonyoike

Faith Formation for Children & Youth
Karen Adams, Ed Bauer, Diane Below, Karen Carr, Jennifer Cozart, Anne Damers, Kathleen Dorman, Michelle Dougherty, Theresa Dzialo, Bridget Everett, Debbie Forsythe, Karen Geist, Lenore Gouge, Barbara Gryder, Janet Harrigan, Christina Hubbard, Rhoda Huxtable, Lisa Johnson, Yvonne Kidder, Jared & Monica Kimutis, Jeff Knox, Mary Sue Kosky, Linda Kraft, Linda Larson, Jonathan Leichman, Larry Lehmann, Valerie McFall, Vicki McKernan, Larry Moran, Jane Nickels, Sr., Angela Nikwobazeirwe, Lynn Oravitz, Joanne Perkins, Pam Preskenis, Shawn Raines, Ashley Remeta, Christine Roeck, Maureen Rushing, Trish Russell, Diane Schukman, Kevin Sellers, Brett Shaffer, Ann Simoneau, Joan Smith, Jen Sompayrac, Kimberly Stapleton, Donna Syler, Sabrina Talley, Michelle Tarricone, Pat Terry, Karen Theodore, Ursula Thompson, Mollie Uphoff , Jo Varner, Denise Vermeulen, John Walter, and Nicki White

Youth Co-Leaders: Skylar Grieco, Stephanie Kraft, Alaynna & Annalise McCormick, Patrick McFall, Riley McFall, Melanie Painter, Bridget Sellers, Megan Tasket, and Freddie Ulmer

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