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    This is an online community that offers Q&A about the Catholic faith.  Aleteia is a lay  Catholic initiative that took its name from the Greek term “Aletheia” for truth. It is ran by journalists, experts, media managers and bloggers that is updated daily.  It is a project of the Foundation for Evangelization through Media (FEM), developed under the patronage of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization.
  • Magi Theology
    St. John Neumann parishioner, author, magician, and speaker David Russell discovered the fascinating correlation between the art of illusion and the truth of Jesus Christ and His Church. There has never been an examination of this topic, true to the teachings of the Catholic Church until now.  Enjoy these regularly updated videos which teach Spiritual Truth and fascinate with magical illusions.
  • Cursillo in the Knoxville Diocese
  • Worldwide Marriage Encounter
    Turn a good marriage into a great marriage through the experience and skills taught during a weekend. Provides online information about weekends and when and where they are held.
  • The Third Option To Better Marriage
    Most struggling couples see two options…painful marriage or divorce. This ongoing group program is for marriage enrichment and crisis intervention. The website gives information about the program and when and where groups meet.
  • Engaged Encounter
    Website for the Catholic Engaged Encounter in the Diocese of Knoxville includes registration, schedule, contact, and resource information. Engaged couples are encouraged to attend a weekend 3 to 6 months before their wedding.
  • Retrouvaille – Healing Marriages
    This site provides information about programs for troubled marriages, including a list of upcoming live-in weekend and post-weekend events through Retrouvaille.
  • Christian Fatherhood
    This site has articles and helpful links about Christian fatherhood. It includes information about St.Joseph Covenant Keepers.
  • Couple-to-Couple League (Marriage and Natural Family Planning)
    This is the Couple-to-Couple League website. They are promoters of Natural Family Planning. They also sell many excellent books and pamphlets on sexuality. and marriage.
  • The Domestic Church – Ideas for Faith Building in Catholic Families
    This website provides support to teach families how to live the Catholic faith in their family’s life and build a Catholic culture in the home.
  • Marriage Education Source
    This site contains research and links to marriage education programs that can help engaged and married couples learn skills needed to sustain their relationship. Programs are offered through religious organizations, community agencies, and healthcare.
  • Why Catholic
    RENEW International presents Why Catholic? Journey through the Catechism. Why Catholic? is a unique adult faith formation process solidly based on Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and updated to include citations from the new.
  • Marriage Support (U.S. Bishops Site)
    For those who want to grow their marriage. A site sponsored by the U.S. Bishops. Pass it on to family and friends.
  • Online Seminary Schools
    Are you interested in earning a degree in theology or religious studies but not sure where to start? That’s where we come in. Our site offers a wealth of information for students looking to become a clergy member, an ordained minister, religious teacher, pastor, and other related careers. We also connect students to accredited degree programs, making it easy to find the right program that meets their unique needs and goals.

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