Women’s Book Club

Women on the MoveThis club offers women a learning and supportive social group within the church.  Twice a month we gather to discuss a book. We have read books with various topics such as the significance of being a Mom, the importance of the friends in our lives, the life of Mary and the relationship between Holy Scripture and the Mass. This is not a bible study, it is a book club. Women of all ages and backgrounds are in the organization which makes for very interesting discussions.

All you need to bring is YOU, your book, a Rosary, your kids if you have them with you. If you cannot be there every week or if you have not read your chapters – come anyway!! We all lead very busy lives and, you are bound to get something out of the rather lively discussions. The purpose of the book club is to create a supportive, friendly, fun, and non-intimidating environment for women to bond and grow in their spiritual lives and church community. All are welcome.

For further information, please either Lisa Beldyk or Megan Vanderhoofven.

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