Revised September 26, 2015

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to Mass. All ushers are to wear nametags. USHER ATTIRE SHOULD REFLECT THE DIGNITY OF THE MINISTRY. A coat and tie for men and similarly appropriate attire for women is recommended but not required.

There should be three (3) ushers per Mass, with four (4) required for Sunday’s 10:30 Mass. One usher should assume the role of Lead Usher to ensure the following duties are completed.

Ushers should greet parishioners before Mass standing outside of doors of the sanctuary. Assist parishioners as necessary before, during, and after mass to ensure they may fully celebrate the mass. Ushers should familiarize themselves with the Emergency Handbook on the wall in the narthex across from the elevator

The Lead Usher should meet with the priest celebrating Mass to determine if he has any special needs or special instructions.

THE CENTER DOORS SHOULD BE KEPT CLOSED DURING MASS. They should be closed when the liturgical procession begins and should be re-opened as the procession starts up the center aisle at the recessional.

Two Center Aisle Ushers should take up the collection in the front center sections and transepts of the church. While the third usher should take up the collection in the two rear sections. At the 10:30 mass two ushers should take up the collection in the transepts and the two Center Aisle Ushers should take
up the collection from the center front and rear sections.

The Lead Usher should solicit gift bearers prior to Mass. The collection basket should go first, as it is liturgically least important. We would prefer that the gift bearers not genuflect, as the focus at this point in the liturgy should be on the altar and not on the tabernacle. One usher should then go down the side aisle to retrieve the collection basket once the gifts have been presented. Two ushers should then take the gift basket to the working sacristy and put the money in a bag to then be put in the safe.

The Lead usher should ensure a count of parishioners attending mass is completed and recorded. Please make sure to include people in the choir loft, on the altar, in the cry room, and in the Narthex. The count must be recorded in attendance book.

At communion time the Lead Usher should ensure that the celebrant is escorted to those parishioners requiring special communion then escorted back to the altar. One usher should escort a Eucharistic Minister to the Choir loft via the elevator and back to the altar.

After Mass, the ushers should pass out the weekly bulletin. Two ushers should pass out bulletins at the transept exits at the 10:30 Mass.

All ushers are to straighten up the church for the next Mass and ensure the hearing aids are turned off.

Please sign in on the Usher lines in the narthex when you work as an usher.


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