CursilloThe Cursillo Movement is an organization within the Catholic Church which develops and promotes leadership and evangelization. The Cursillo weekend is a three day event which provides the baptized person with the knowledge and conviction to live and share what is fundamental for being Christian, to love God and be a witness to Grace.

As Pope John Paul II addressed a gathering of Cursillo members in 1980: “Your movement devotes itself to drawing forth from Christians a commitment to live lives consistent with their faith and to bring this ferment to the environments where you live”.

SJN has a vibrant and growing Cursillo community. Monthly gatherings are organized and advertized in the Sunday Parish Bulletin. If you are seeking a closer relationship with our Lord, wondering how to strengthen your faith and grow in spirituality, and want to form authentic friendships with fellow Catholics, consider Cursillo.

For more information contact Keith and Mary Sanford.

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