Operating Procedures For SJN Parish Pastoral Council

Amended September 2010


  1. Meetings shall be scheduled by the Chair pursuant to the terms of the By-Laws and shall be called to order provided a quorum is present.
  2. In the absence of the Chair, the next highest officer in attendance shall call the meeting to order and proceed with the meeting.
  3. The Chair shall be charged with the duty to expedite the business of the meeting and to limit or restrict discussion to matters pertinent to the business at hand.
  4. Notice of meetings shall appear in the parish bulletin on the Sunday immediately preceding a scheduled or called meeting.


The majority of the membership of the Council shall be required to transact its business at any meeting, regular or called.


The Chair shall distribute to the Council membership a printed agenda of business to be considered by the Council at a scheduled meeting.


  1. Committee Representatives shall provide a bi-monthly written report of their committee’s activities to the Chair.
  2. Committee Representatives will furnish to the Council Chair agenda items to be considered at the meeting by the Wednesday prior to the regular meeting.
  3. The Chair of the Council shall see that each member of the Council is provided with the following items by the weekend prior to the scheduled meeting:
    1. Agenda
    2. Committee Reports
    3. Minutes of the last meeting
    4. Financial Report
  4. The Chair shall adhere to the following order of business for all meetings:
    1. Call to order
    2. Opening prayer
    3. Approval of minutes of last meeting
    4. Questions or comments concerning Committee Reports
    5. New and old business
    6. Recap of Action Items
    7. Adjournment
    8. Closing prayer


Section 1: Terms of Office

Terms of office are for three years. Council membership is reconstituted on a rotating basis as follows:

    1. Committee Representatives are divided into three groups. The Representatives in each of the three groups with the initial term year as of September 2010 are as follows:
      Term Ends in 2013:

      • Administration
      • Communications
      • Spiritual Life
      • Appointee One

      Term Ends in 2012:

      • Social Action
      • Youth & Young Adult Ministry
      • Appointee Two

      Term Ends in 2011:

      • Education
      • Parish Life
      • Appointee Three
    2. Under these provisions, the Council Chair will ask the incumbent Committee Representatives if he/she desires to stand for re-selection/appointment to a second term. This survey must be completed before the final year of the incumbent term of office.

Section 2: Nominations and Selections

    1. The Council Chair shall request from the current Council members a list of possible candidates willing to serve on the Council from the various constituencies they represent. The names will be given to the pastor for approval.
    2. Once approval has been given from the pastor on possible candidates, the Chair will instruct the Committee Representatives to conduct a selection meeting within their constituencies to elect the next Representative to the Council.
    3. Appointed member(s) shall be chosen by the Pastor. The appointment(s) will be made following the regular selection period and prior to the June meeting.
    4. Vacancies of selected or appointed Council seats shall be filled by the Pastor. Consideration will be given to those candidates who showed interest in the regular selection and were not selected. Representatives appointed to fill vacancies shall serve the remaining portion of the unexpired term. If a vacancy occurs with less than four months remaining in the term, the duties of that Council member will be assumed by the Vice-Chair of the Council and the vacated seat shall be filled at the regular time.

Section 3: Removal from Office

    1. Members of the Council are expected to attend all regularly scheduled and special meetings of the Council.
    2. Any member who is absent from three meetings over a six month period without prior approval of the Pastor, Chair, or Vice Chair, can be dismissed from the Council via official notification by the secretary, unless the council, by a 2/3 majority votes otherwise.

In case of resignation, the member’s position will be considered vacant upon written notification and acceptance by the Council Chair.


Additional ad hoc or special committees may be appointed by the Council Chair in consultation with the Council. Duties, responsibilities, and duration of the committee will be defined at the time of formation.


The Council may, by simple voting at a scheduled meeting, adopt statements of policy to direct its’ functions. Statements of policy so adopted shall be recorded as part of the minutes of the meeting at which adopted, and shall also be recorded in a separate and permanent volume to be maintained in the parish library, the parish office, and by the Chair of the Council. Said volume shall be indexed and otherwise maintained by the secretary.


The Council, in consultation with the Finance Board, will participate in the preparation of the annual budget and approve by consensus a budget for all items of ordinary administration as defined in Article 11.9h of the Diocesan Statutes.


These Operating Procedures may be amended by a 2/3 majority if the members present at a scheduled meeting. However, notice of a proposed amendment must be given to the membership by inclusion of same in the agenda as hereinbefore provided.


These Operating Procedures shall be approved and enforced after ratification by a 2/3 majority of Council members voting with notice as prescribed for amendments.


The business of the Council shall be conducted according to the rules and procedures as outlined in Article 15 of the Diocesan Statutes.


The Operating Procedures shall be interpreted in the same manner as the By-Laws.

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