Congratulations on your engagement! May this be a season of grace and heavenly blessing! You are coming to the Catholic Church to be married. A Catholic wedding is so much more than a social event. It is a sacrament in which a man and woman become husband and wife in the presence of God, the wedding officiant, and your family and friends. From the Rite of Marriage: “Dear friends, you have come together in this church so that the Lord may seal and strengthen your love in the presence of the Church’s minister and this community.”
The staff at St. John Neumann will assist you as you plan for this momentous and sacred day. Your preparation will reflect the principles that govern Catholic liturgical celebrations.

Click here to view guidelines for celebrating the sacrament of Marriage at St. John Neumann Catholic Church

Marriage Preparation and Enrichment
Your marriage is cherished by the people of the Catholic Church. The decision to marry is truly one of the most important and joyful decisions of your life. Please use this time of engagement as an opportunity to prepare for marriage. Many couples look forward to the wedding day, and planning for that “perfect” day can easily consume most of your time and attention. All engaged couples need time to pray, reflect, and talk with each other in a time and a space away from other demands as they prepare for their new life as a married couple.

Marriage preparation in our diocese
The Catholic Church’s marriage-preparation process helps engaged couples assess their readiness for marriage and assists them in understanding that marriage is a vocation, a covenant, and a sacrament. The Diocese of Knoxville’s guidelines for the process are outlined below. Preparation starts at the parish level, with an introductory meeting with a parish priest or deacon, includes attending a weekend designed for engaged couples, and ends with final preparation back at the parish.
Click here for more information from the Diocese of Knoxville website.

Convalidation of Marriage:
The Church teaches that married persons must be in a Sacramental marriage in order to receive the Eucharist worthily. If you want help pursuing a case with the Tribunal, we will be happy to assist you.

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