• on October 11, 2021

Commemorating Columbus Day

Knights of Columbus launch campaign to educate, not erase

The voyages of Christopher Columbus were a watershed moment in the history of human civilization. Like every encounter, they offered a world of possibilities. Inspired by one of our country’s first and most cherished mottos, E pluribus unum, the holiday was meant to celebrate the coming together of different worlds and honor new immigrants while, at the same time, paying homage to Native Americans. As Catholics, how should we commemorate this holiday? Find answers, including facts and short videos at kofc.org/columbus. Know someone who could benefit from joining the Knights? Visit or share kofc.org/joinus for details.

Courage and Conviction is a 30 min. documentary that offers insight into Christopher Columbus’ remarkable journey, facts on the encounter of civilizations, details on the origins of Columbus Day and context behind the affinity many immigrants have for Columbus. This film shows why Christopher Columbus remains not only a man worthy of admiration, but a noble icon of what it means to be a Catholic and an America.

Courage and Conviction Facts and Short Films

In recent decades, facts have been pushed aside in an effort to recast Columbus as a villain and/or architect of violence and injustices. The Knights of Columbus has prepared a Facts-Based Guide as a resource for all to use. Click HERE to view the document and watch the short films debunking the myths by clicking HERE.

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